Seaman Service Book (SSB)
G.S.O Form No.20.

To obtain employment on board a seagoing vessel every eligible / qualified citizen of Pakistan is entitled to acquire a Seaman Service Book (SSB) in accordance with the provisions of Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2001 subject to fulfilling the requirements as prescribed under the Rules issued from time to time.

The Seaman Service Book (SSB) is also liable to be cancelled, suspended or confiscated if a seafarer is found to be involved in contravention of any local law.

Machine Readable Seafarer Identity Document (MR-SID)

The government shipping office (G.S.O) issues of machine readable seafarers identity document (MR–SID) through National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) (effective September 10, 2005).

The machine readable seafarers identity document (MR–SID) is fully compliant with International Labour Organization convention (ILO) c-185 and is machine readable globally.

It is recommended that all seafarers obtain machine readable seafarers’ identity document (MR-SID) before signing an agreement for employment on Ships (Article of Agreement).

Ship-owners / Manning Agencies are advised to employ crew who are in possession of a machine readable seafarers identity document (MR-SID).