Sign On / Off Procedure
The Seafarer Engagement and Discharge Procedure:

In compliance of chapter 9 and 10 of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2001, the formalities of engagement and discharge of seafarer are completed at the Government Shipping Office.

Engagement on Ships Article of Agreement "Sign-On":

An important function of the Government Shipping Office is to witness execution of Article of Agreement between manning agents and seafarers at the time of engagement of seafarer for Ship. Article of agreement is a Government approved printed agreement issued by the Government Shipping Office for the purpose of employment on ships. It bears terms and conditions of service and is signed by the seafarer and the Manning Agent before the Shipping Master. One copy of the agreement is provided to the Manning Agent for placing on board ship and the other copy is retained by Government Shipping Office for its record. This process is called "SIGN-ON".

Discharge from Ships - "Sign-Off":

G.S.O. Form No. 17.
On completion of the voyage, Manning Agent along with seafarer appears before the Shipping Master to complete voyage formalities. Both the parties sign before the Shipping Master declaring no claim on either side for the completed voyage. The Shipping Master endorses the record and attests / verifies the voyage entry in SSB. This process is called "SIGN-OFF".